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EU Lobbyists Mapped

- June 30, 2011 in Projects

This is a contribution by Anders Pedersen.

There has been quite a lot of discussion about the relaunch of the Transparency Register of the European Commission.

The register contains information submitted on a voluntary basis from NGOs, lobbyists and associations who spend money influencing the decision making process in the EU.

Before you check out the map below, you should take a few things into account:

– The reported amounts are voluntary judgements from the organizations them selves. The Commission is not obliged to monitor or control the statements from companies or associations. Most often organizations leave the field blank or submit a vague indicator (ie. € <50,000).

– This map only contain only a share of the 3,000 organizations, which were in the register by March 2011, when I obtained the data. The data available from the Commission is in a format, which has been time consuming to crack and thus quite a bit of organizations are missing.

– Please take into account that I have not cross checked the entire data for their precise location, and thus you will might find a few errors where google misplaced locations.

With that in mind – here are the organizations of the Transparency Register, mapped

Source: European Commission, Data as of March 2011.