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Data Sharing: Poor Status Quo in Economics

- March 5, 2013 in EDaWaX, External Projects, Featured

hare_c_flickrThis article is cross-posted from the blog of the European Data Watch Extended Project

In the context of our research project EDaWaX a new research paper has been published by Patrick Andreoli-Versbach (International Max Planck Research School for Competition and Innovation (IMPRS-CI), LMU Munich, Munich Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research (MCIER)) and Frank Mueller-Langer(Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property and Competition Law, IMPRS-CI, MCIER).

The paper analyzes the data sharing behavior of 488 randomly chosen empirical economists. More specifically, the researchers under study were chosen uniformly across the top 100 economics departments and the top 50 business schools and randomly within the respective institution. Economics departments were chosen using the Shanghai Ranking 2011 in Economics and Business and business schools were chosen using the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2011.

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Feasibility Study on Research Data Journal Policies

- October 31, 2012 in Call for participation, External Projects, Featured

The Quarterly Journal of Economics Volume 1

The Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) has initiated a new research project – Journal Research Data Policy Bank (JoRD) – as part of its Digital Infrastructure Programme running from July until December 2012.

The JoRD proiect is conducting “a feasibility study into the scope and shape of a sustainable service to collate and summarise journal policies on Research Data”. The expected result is a reference point for understanding and complying with Research Data policies to be used by researchers, research data publishers and managers and other relevant stakeholders. The goal is to understand “policies devised by academic publishers to promote linkage between journal articles and underlying research data.”

Project Objectives

* Identify and consult with a wide range of stakeholders and develop a detailed set of stakeholder requirements and service specifications
* Investigate the current state of data sharing policies within journals and shed light on how journals are addressing this crucial question
* Scope and deliver recommendations on the shape of a central service to summarise journal research data policies and provide a ready reference source of easily accessible, standardised, accurate and clear guidance and information relating to the journal policy landscape for research data
* Provide service sustainability models determining how the long term operation of such a service can be sustained

Invitation to researchers to participate in an online survey for JoRD

The JoRD project has released an online survey aimed at researchers as a part of stakeholder consultation, aiming at gathering and assessing “researcher opinions / practices concerning research data, data sharing, the policies of journals, and thoughts on the shape of such a service”. The survey should shed light on researcher’s needs and will give better information on the recommendation the report will make.

To participate in the researcher survey, follow the link bellow:

Fill out the form before Sunday, November 8.

Visit the Project Website

Call for Participation: First Open Economics International Workshop

- September 17, 2012 in Announcements, Call for participation, Open Access, Open Data, Open Economics, Open Research

supported by

The Open Economics Working Group is inviting PhD students and academics with relevant experience and research focus to participate in the first Open Economics Workshop, which would take place on December 17-18, 2012 in Cambridge, UK.

The aim of the workshop is to build an understanding of the value of open data and open tools for the Economics profession and the obstacles to opening up information, as well as the role of greater openness in broadening understanding of and engagement with Economics among the wider community including policy-makers and society.

The workshop is a designed to be a small invite-only event with a round-table format allowing participants to to share and develop ideas together. For more information please see the website.

The event is being organized by the Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Law at the University of Cambridge and Open Economics Working Group of the Open Knowledge Foundation and funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. More information about the Working Group can be found online.

To apply for participation, please fill out the application form and send us a CV at [email protected]

Next DataHub Data Party – January 18, 2012

- January 10, 2012 in Data Party, Events, Yourtopia

You are welcome to join our next DataHub data party on January 18 at 5-6pm GMT / 6-7pm CET / 12-1pm EST. On our regular data parties we would like to assemble more datasets to add to our economics datahub database.

For the next data party however, we have a particular objective, related to our work on the Apps4Italy submission. The topic will be gathering data about Italy – different measures of progress, at higher frequency and at more disaggregated levels. We will work together on the following spreadsheet.

If you would like to participate, please enter your name and skype-id on the Etherpad:
Looking forward to gathering Italian data together!

Please Help Assemble Data for Hackday

- January 9, 2012 in Data Party, Hackathon, Projects, Yourtopia

Dear Open Economics participants,

In preparation of the upcoming hackday, we are currently searching for the data on which we will base our measurement of progress in Italy. Could you kindly help finding data series? If so, please contribute to filling this spreadsheet.

You will find there data that Italy, jointly with its European partners, has identified as key to social progress (the EU2020 targets). Most of this data is available at Eurostat but only in annual frequency and with great statistical delays. We hence need to look for sources directly in Italy, where we hope to locate it in higher frequency and with shorter delays. Could you search with us on Italian/international sources and add them to the spreadsheet?

In case we cannot locate some of these official progess indicators, we are also looking for alternative, high-frequency data series that are generally accepted as key to social progress. If you have data/suggestions for such alternatives, please add them to the spreadsheet as well.

Please let us all check this out, so that we can soon start drawing up data series for our app.

DataHub Data Party for Economics Data – Wednesday 21st December 2011

- December 20, 2011 in Data Party

We’re holding a DataHub Data Party for Economics data. It’s an online get together to dig up interesting economics (and energy) data and add it to the DataHub economics data group:

* When: 21st December 2011 @ 5-6pm GMT / 6-7pm CET / 12-1pm EST (join
for as little or as much time as you want)
* Where: Virtual on irc and skype
* What: Get together to add economic datasets to
* Etherpad:

Everyone is welcome and all you need is an interest in (open)
economics (or energy) data.

We’ll be collaborating on skype and IM — if interested please add yourself + skype id to you be added to the joint chat.

Reminder: Open Knowledge Indicator Hackday 23rd of August 2011

- August 22, 2011 in Data Party, Open Knowledge Index, Projects

Just a quick reminder that the Hackday for the Open Knowledge Indicator will be on the 23rd of August, from 10 AM to 11 PM (UTC+1).
I’m sorry if some cannot make it at this date but I hope you will be able to join at a later stage – this certainly doesn’t mean you’re excluded!

We’ll be setting up a Etherpad – for joining, please add my Skype address guoxu_voip so I can put you on the group chat.

Open Data Index Hackday

- July 22, 2011 in Conference, Hackathon, Open Knowledge Index

This contribution is from Dirk Heine, Working Group Advisor at Open Economics

In the OpenEconomics phone conference yesterday we decided to go forward with building a cross-country Open Data Index (see previous discussion). We now need everyone to sign up to participate for a 1 day collaborative index construction. On this day we will all try to already finish a preliminary version to test the concept.

What day would be best for you? Please participate in this doodle to determine it.

Collaboration will be online with everyone contributing from wherever you are based. We need people with different skill sets: data researchers, programmers, economists, people generally knowledgeable about sources of open data and people with aesthetics skills. So please do participate!

A note on the timing: There will be people from various time zones participating, so please try to accomodate the time window as good as possible: It is just hard to match people across time zones so we all need to be a bit flexible to make a collaborative production of the OKF Open Data Index possible.

Open Economics at OKCon 2011

- June 29, 2011 in Conference, Events, Festival

A few members of the Open Economics Working Group will be attending the Open Knowledge Conference 2011 in Berlin, 30th June to 1st July. There will also be a presentation of Metametrik.

We have also been able to cooperate with a related project in the pre-OKCon Open Science workshop, working on a crowd-sourced data inputation system which could serve as a component of the Metametrik framework.

If you plan to attend the OKCon, please do contact us and have a chat! Looking forward to seeing you there.

Working Group Meeting 23rd June 2011

- June 16, 2011 in Projects

We are hosting a Skype meetup to take stock and discuss future projects on the:

23rd of June 2011, 7pm GMT+1 (British Summer Time)

We would like to invite you to join in – the Skype meeting will also be a great opportunity to learn about the Open Economics Working Group and explore the various ways in which you can contribute. To participate in the meeting, please drop a mail to [email protected] along with your Skype-id, so we can add you to the session. In the meantime, feel free to join our mailing list to stay updated.