The Open Economics Working Group serves a as support structure for community projects: providing an environment where ideas can be developed together and mini-projects can be implemented. The Working Group members can propose a project to the Working Group or get involved in one of the existing projects.

The projects of the Working Group include:

  • YourTopia Global and YourTopia Italy – award-winning crowd-sourced multidimensional index for the measurement of social progress
  • Metametrik – a prototype for a machine-readable regression results format
  • Open Knowledge Index – an indicator tracking progress in opening up information, data and knowledge in a broader sense to the public
  • Failed Banks Tracker – a crowd-sourced list of bank failures in Europe to be turned into a timeline visualisation

Some of the work on these projects is done either during data and coding events or during online sprints, where the Working Group meets and works together for several hours.

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