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How can open data help rebuild trust in business?

Martin Martinoff - October 8, 2012 in Audit and Accounting, Events, External Projects, Hackathon, Public Finance and Government Data

A few months ago, the Finance Innovation Lab launched AuditFutures – a new systemic work around rebuilding trust in business. The first innovation workshop on 4 July was a tremendous success and we have developed a strategy to move the

OKFestival Sustainability Stream Recap

Velichka Dimitrova - October 6, 2012 in Cleanweb, Environment, Energy and Sustainability, Events, Festival, Hackathon, Topics, Yourtopia

The open knowledge community came together in Helsinki for the one of the biggest events of the year: the Open Knowledge Festival, gathering for a week more than a thousand people from civil society, international institutions, government and businesses. …

OKFestival Green Hackathon

Velichka Dimitrova - September 10, 2012 in Environment, Energy and Sustainability, Hackathon, Open Economics

Green Hackathon

  • When: 19th-20th of September
  • Where: Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, H√§meentie 135 C Helsinki (Hack workshop 3)

Welcome to two days of hacking for openness and sustainability at the OKFestival in Helsinki. This is an …

OKFN Energy Lab: Call for Partners

Velichka Dimitrova - July 25, 2012 in Environment, Energy and Sustainability, Events, Hackathon

This blog post is also featured here.

OKF Energy Lab

OKFN Labs is launching Labs Sprints, a new initiative to create data-driven applications around a specific topic within a very short timeframe – a single week. As we start this, we’re …

Energy and Climate Post-Hack News

Velichka Dimitrova - March 13, 2012 in Events, Hackathon

**Earlier this month, our [Energy and Climate Hackday]( brought together about 50 people in London and online, joining from Berlin, Washington D.C., Amsterdam, Graz and Bogota.**

With participants working in the private sector, for NGOs, universities and the public sector, …

Energy and Climate Hackday – March 3, 2012

Velichka Dimitrova - February 14, 2012 in Events, Hackathon

On Saturday 3rd March we’re getting together for the Energy and Climate Hackday to data-wrangle and build apps around energy and climate data. All skills and interest groups are welcome: developers, data journalists, economists, climate scientists, environmentalists and interested citizens.…

Open Economics Hackday

Velichka Dimitrova - February 1, 2012 in Events, Hackathon

Open Economics Hackday

Open Economics Hackday at the Barbican, London. Photo by Ilias Bartolini.


The following post is by Velichka Dimitrova coordinator of the Open Economics Working Group.

It is great to see people coming together and doing something cool on …

Open Economics Hack Day Saturday January 28th 2012

Guo Xu - January 19, 2012 in Events, Hackathon

**This post is by [Velichka Dimitrova](, Coordinator for the [Economics Working Group]( at the Open Knowledge Foundation.**

On Saturday 28th January we’re getting together for an Open Economics Hackday where we’ll be be wrangling data and building apps related to …

Please Help Assemble Data for Hackday

Dirk Heine - January 9, 2012 in Data Party, Hackathon, Projects, Yourtopia

Dear Open Economics participants,

In preparation of the upcoming hackday, we are currently searching for the data on which we will base our measurement of progress in Italy. Could you kindly help finding data series? If so, please contribute …

Open Data Index Hackday

Dirk Heine - July 22, 2011 in Conference, Hackathon, Open Knowledge Index

This contribution is from Dirk Heine, Working Group Advisor at Open Economics

In the OpenEconomics phone conference yesterday we decided to go forward with building a cross-country Open Data Index (see previous discussion). We now need everyone to sign …