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Data Party: Tracking Europe’s Failed Banks

Anders Pedersen - October 18, 2012 in Data Party, Open Economics

nuklr.dave CC BY

This fall marked the five year anniversary of the collapse of UK-based Northern Rock in 2007. Since then an unknown number of European banks have collapsed under the weight over plummeting housing markets, financial mismanagement and other …

City DataParty

Velichka Dimitrova - February 3, 2012 in Cities, Data Party, Events

If you have fun working with data or would like to learn how to do some data-crunching, please come to our virtual DataParty on City Data on Wednesday, February 8 @ 5pm GMT / 6pm CET / 12pm EST. …

DataParty – Measures of Social Progress in Italy

Velichka Dimitrova - January 17, 2012 in Data Party, Yourtopia

Data parties are becoming a tradition in our activities: there are so far 30 datasets in our Economics Data Group on the DataHub and we would like to see this number grow with your help. If you have a dataset …

Next DataHub Data Party – January 18, 2012

Velichka Dimitrova - January 10, 2012 in Data Party, Events, Yourtopia

You are welcome to join our next DataHub data party on January 18 at 5-6pm GMT / 6-7pm CET / 12-1pm EST. On our regular data parties we would like to assemble more datasets to add to our economics datahub

Please Help Assemble Data for Hackday

Dirk Heine - January 9, 2012 in Data Party, Hackathon, Projects, Yourtopia

Dear Open Economics participants,

In preparation of the upcoming hackday, we are currently searching for the data on which we will base our measurement of progress in Italy. Could you kindly help finding data series? If so, please contribute …

DataHub Data Party for Economics Data – Wednesday 21st December 2011

Rufus Pollock - December 20, 2011 in Data Party

We’re holding a DataHub Data Party for Economics data. It’s an online get together to dig up interesting economics (and energy) data and add it to the DataHub economics data group:

* When: 21st December 2011 @ 5-6pm GMT / …

Reminder: Open Knowledge Indicator Hackday 23rd of August 2011

Guo Xu - August 22, 2011 in Data Party, Open Knowledge Index, Projects

Just a quick reminder that the Hackday for the Open Knowledge Indicator will be on the 23rd of August, from 10 AM to 11 PM (UTC+1).
I’m sorry if some cannot make it at this date but I hope you …