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Third Place in World Bank Contest

April 27, 2011 in Announcements, Yourtopia

A few months back, we launched a simple app that allows anyone to say what kind of world, what “YourTopia”, they would like to live in. Created with the help of the new OKF Working Group Group on Economics, we submitted the app to the World Bank Apps4Development competition: Two days ago, the World Bank President Zoellick finally announced the winners of the competition and we are delighted to say that Yourtopia has been awarded the 3rd prize at the World Bank Apps4Development competition, chosen among over 100 other submissions.

(Photo: © Frank Vincent / World Bank)

As an OKF project, the award ceremony also gave us the opportunity to promote open data initiatives. Dirk Heine, who represented our team at the ceremony in the World Bank HQ in DC, was also able to present Yourtopia to a wider audience of stakeholders (including Robert Zoellick, Justin Lin and other IFI officials). Overall, there was great interest in Yourtopia: The idea of an open indicator for human development appealed to many people, ranging from reporters to researchers and policymakers.

Encouraged by the positive feedback, we are planning to build on the momentum and move forward with Yourtopia. We are also volunteering the prize money for future projects. Again, we would like to encourage anyone interested to join or suggest new ideas. If you are interested, please sign up for the OKF Open Economics mailing list or just send a mail to guo.xu[at] okfn [dot] org.

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