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The Open Economics Working Group is driven by contributions of researchers, students and professionals from around the world.

What are the possible ways to get involved in Open Economics?

  • Run an online sprint / data party on a suggested topic. If there is a topic where data can be generated by crowd-sourcing contributions it could be the theme of an online sprint – Example
  • Write a data story for our blog in the series Fact Checking Open Data. We are inviting contributions from you on stories with data. It might be some data you have recently worked on, or some research you have done on the side or a news story which inspired you to dig up more facts and explore the statistical facts first hand.
  • Initiate a community project with the Working Group. YourTopia, YourTopia Italy and the Open Knowledge Index were all ideas developed together with a team from Open Economics
  • Contribute to the Open Research Data Handbook

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