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Re-Building Trust in Business Information: The AuditFutures Assembly in London

June 27, 2012 in Audit and Accounting, Events

Finance Innovation Lab AuditFutures Assembly

The Finance Innovation Lab, in partnership with ICAEW’s Audit and Assurance Faculty, is hosting a new area of systemic work: looking into the future of audit and how to rebuild trust in business information. This initiative will take a leadership role in restoring the the connection between the value of the profession and the public interest.

A whole-day innovation workshop with over 100 delegates from large and small practices, regulators, think-tanks, academia, NGOs investors and businesses. Experienced facilitators will help to create a safe and productive space for creative discussions and collaborative relationships. With learning and evaluation built in, the AuditFutures Assembly will help to develop a sense of purpose and commitment, strong relationships, and collaborative action around the future of audit.

What is the role of open data and open standards in the auditing profession? One potential field is the standards for auditing data, where a common format would improve efficiency in in the operational processes and effectiveness in firm accountability. Another field is the availability and access to audit data. Some of the most detailed data about firms’ activities is often audit data, which is usually not free for researchers and individuals with no access to the audit databases. The current business model of many firms includes learning about one’s own firm and the rest of the market from consultants’ reports, which have information through the monopoly of access. Would more access to audit data transform the way business works? What other fields of open knowledge are relevant here?

Are you interested in attending? Please see the Eventbite website: Any comments and ideas are welcome.

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