The Open Economics Working Group

The Open Economics Working Group is run by the Open Knowledge Foundation in association with the Centre for Intellectual and Property Law (CIPIL) at the University of Cambridge. Its membership consists of leading academics and researchers, public and private sector economists, representatives from national and international public bodies and other experts from around the world.

We want economics to be built on sound, transparent foundations, wherever possible. In particular, it is important that the data and associated analysis be openly available to all members of society.

This Working Group exists to:

  • Act as a central point of reference and support for those interested in open economic data.
  • Identify best practice as well as legal, regulatory and technical standards for open economic data.
  • Act as a hub for the development and maintenance of low-cost, community-driven projects related to open material in economics

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Italy must expand its online franchise: a policy promising attractive side-effects for the Italian economy

This blog has been reposted from the Bruegel Blog. “55 years after its promulgation, how would you like to change the Italian constitution?” This is the rather difficult question posed to Italians in the online public consultation that closed in early October. Nonetheless, this attempt to improve the discourse between policy-making institutions and their citizens […]

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Open model of an oil contract

Please come and kick the tires of our open model of an oil contract! In the next month or so, OpenOil and its partners will publish what we believe will be the first financial model of an oil contract under Creative Commons license. We would like to take this opportunity to invite the Open Economics […]

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External Projects

Fundamental Stock Valuation on an Open Platform

Investors have traditionally relied on Wall Street analysts for projections of companies’ intrinsic values.  Wall Street analysts typically come up with their valuations using Discounted Cash flow (DCF) analysis. However, they do not disclose the proprietary models used for arriving at buying, selling or holding recommendations. ThinkNum has a solution which allows users to build […]

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External Projects

Open Economics: the story so far…

A year and a half ago we embarked on the Open Economics project with the support of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and we would like a to share a short recap of what we have been up to. Our goal was to define what open data means for the economics profession and to become […]

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